Mesmorized by the Moon

Mesmerized by the moon
Atmospheric layers surround my form
From clouds of dust stars are reborn
Swirling in my eyes galaxies dance with the planets in an interplay of light
We are one with all beyond the depths of pure physical sight
The sun within my core radiates through every inch of my being
Within the heart of the universe lie worlds divinely pristine
A reflection of your heart in way never before seen
Awakening to realize you’re amidst a mystical dream



Star Kissed Sky

Within the sky, beyond galaxies of the deepest blue 

A sacred story unfolds of a love divinely true

Shinning with the graceful beauty of a flower as it unfolds

It’s petals kissed with a radiant light like glistening gold

Unveiling it’s heart, beheld to all within sight 

The sun gives to the moon it’s boundless love each and every night 

Lighting the sky with a subtle glow 

It lovingly guides the tide, ebb and flow

Smiling as the waves dance with the shore

Like a most beloved dream replayed forevermore

In my minds eye there is a glorious sun to each star kissed sky

With a devoted moon to pair, a love one cannot deny

I’ll paint you the sunset with every shade and hue

Like crystal prisms in the morning dew

I can see the colors delicately cascading over you

Your form and mine are one, it’s undeniably true

With the sun and moon we’ll twirl admidst the skies endless blue

The kleshas and the gunas within the tree of life

The Gunas are the energetic mental attributes of personality we project in different states of mind. The Kleshas are the obstacles that bind us to those states. The Kleshas and the Gunas affect us within each and every moment of our physical being. Until one recognizes and come to know the Atman(true self). Beyond all physical matter and form,  the veil of maya(illusion)  dissolves into pure bliss and consciousness. Samadhi, the awakening, the merging, within the balance of prakriti and purusha. Like a mango tree growing from seed, the seed itself must first be created. Blissfully unaware that it is only the beginning of an endless journey. Naturally, releasing attachment,  it trustingly leaves it’s source and  falls to the earth.  Once a part of the whole, it appears a separate entity to the unawakened mind.  Like the seed we too can see ourselves separate and distinct from our source of creation. Instead of a reflection, a physical representation of the divine.  The protective fruit will provide life for some time but in order to grow and thrive it must flow with the course of nature and absorb the guiding elements surrounding it in order to benefit from them. Earth would represent the tamasic, grounding energy. The sun representing the fiery rajasic energy, each sunbeam flowing with life. The air, wind, and rain being sattvic, the lightness within our being. In relation to the typical human persona, we display these attributes while expressing the broad spectrum of perception and emotion.  Needing a balance can be useful in order to understand them fully and understand exactly what it causes you to act and react to varying circumstances. You cannot easily overcome something until you fully comprehend the actions and energy that cause the sequencing effect. Just like the seed buried beneath the earth hidden from the truth, we find contentment within the different elements of the physical world and find comfort and ease in our habitual actions. In order to merge with the energy of the earth and root with ease, we must to open to the wisdom of the rain, softening the earth and our own being with a lightness of heart. To sustain and thrive we must learn to inspire and  flow with brimming energy like that of the fiery sun, who never ceases to share it’s loving warmth and life nourishing energy to all.  With the cultivation of our new beginnings and growth we can learn  to conquer our minds.  Furthermore we can determine if the actions we’re performing are benefiting the whole and are in line with the pure intention of your true self. Distracted by the kleshas many succumb to believe they are the physical body and nothing more. Creating desires out of selfish actions, attachment to the impermanent and the desirable. The seed uses the tools  and resources around it so that it may grow to a state in which it will reach it’s full, yet ever-increasing potential. A tree beaming with life, sustaining itself so as it may benefit those around it in an ever renewing cycle of life. In our own cycle the eightfold path and the eight limbs of yoga are tools we can use to cultivate the realization of the divine. Asana or the yoga practice reflects upon the kleshas and gunas, being an essential keys to calm the mind and release the vrittis (mind chatter). Obtaining the realization is a humbling, yet astonishing, simple yet profound truth. Yoga is a means of reconnecting with that consciousness and beyond that, realizing you never really were separate. As the same energy that creates the tree produces seed bearing fruit, we’re all connected in a universal web of energy. However there should be no attachment or aim towards achieving this awareness or aspiring to be something more. Just as we should not create bondage by attaching ourselves to a certain practice, habit, or asana. By remaining within, yet separate and aware of the balance of the observer and the observed, we allow room for future growth. Yoga is a beautiful stepping stone  to reach new heights, galaxies beyond the influence of kleshas and the gunas. With practice, awareness and intent, one can learn to still the mind. Opening the heart to receive all creation and reflect the embodiment of pure divine love within the ocean of divine bliss.

Incandescent Dream ॐ


Words of love and devotion, ‘Hare Kṛṣṇa’,

 As a whisper off my lips, to the wind I sing

Beheld in a most beautiful dream, your presence expanded

 Within and beyond every part of my being

My love for you grows and transforms

As the incandescence of a blossoming lotus flower

Emerging from the watery depths below

 To discover it’s destined to be seen

If only the people of the world could remember

 Of their luminous divine inner power

Trapped within this shell, the soul is eclipsed to all

 But the spiritual eye’s concentration

It’s unfortunate of the lies, and confusion of the lost populations

So occupied on status, wealth, pleasure and procreation

I desire not for the temptations that surround, truth to be told

You could take away the whole world and all that it beholds

I’d be happy to float among the cosmos, dancing on an endless galaxy

Eternally enveloped in perfect synergy of joy, blissful wisdom and transcend-ency

I wish for prayer and meditation among the people, as to connect with their hidden light

To see the universe, looking inward; the veil of confusion transforming to delight

That every being would entwine within, merge together, and restore our divine right

Release this bondage of mere physical creation

To once again restore the love, deprived in every nation

Eliminate this misconception of divided separation

 The world will find its true sight

Beyond the veils of illusion, and bathe in eternal light